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From Business license registration up until catering services. You make the call, we provide!

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Business / Enterprise Licensing

MHR Solutions Enterprise has a 10 years experience in handling and managing the application of various types of business license registration with numerous government agencies such as DBKL, MPSJ, MBPJ, MPJB, MPS and much more.

CIDB Professional Certificates

Registration or certificates as contractor for G1,G2, G3, G4, PPK and SPKK categories

Supply of Goods and Equipment

Supply of goods and medical equipment for hospitals, governments and private clinics

Digital Content

Translation of documents, copywriting for press release, digital content for social media and website

Wholesale Retail Trade Registration

Registration of Wholesale Retail Trade license (compulsory) for foreign companies

Other Services

(i) Housing loan advisory services with bank and government employees under LPPSA.

(ii) Function management / catering for formal / informal events / weddings

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